Open source means that it is maintained by programming professionals on a voluntary basis. Anyone with coding skills can contribute to the program to improve it. All updates are automatic.
Visit the official site: OSMC
Movies and music files are stored on the Internet on a remote server and when you select them to play, let's say from You Tube, the content is "streamed" to your Internet Browser such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, to your computer.

Note: A remote server is just a computer like your own PC connected to the Internet. The latest buzz word for a remote server is now called a "Cloud".
No. This is a whole new source of entertainment, and has nothing to do with live broadcasting. It does of course include all the TV shows available on these networks, but streamed from the Internet.

There are some channels you can install that will show live shows, but you'll need to check schedules and what not, and stream it without being able to download it.
The ROKU can access the Internet and provide you with entertainment from the channels it has available to the ROKU system. If you choose Netflix or Amazon Prime, then you would have to have an account to play the movies, which means a monthly bill. OSMC is all FREE!
Your Smart TV can also access the internet but it has a Internet Browser built in, just like your computer, so you can stream TV programs by going to the sites like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc. You usually have to wait a period of time after it has been broadcast. However the downside is there are commercials, before and during the program.
OSMC is all FREE and Commercial FREE!
The OSMC system loaded with Video Add-ons (Applications) provide access to Movies and TV programs on 100's of remote servers, all free of charge, ready for you to view at your convenience.

When you choose a Movie the application runs a scraper that searches the Internet for all sources of the Movie. It then displays the list showing it's quality, such as HD , 1080P, etc. To stream it, just click on your choice of the source. If it doesn't play for some reason it will automatically go through the list and find a working server.

To be honest there are a few downsides.

It will not be like getting your media over cable or satellite because you are getting it though your Internet connection.

So if your Internet is slow, or someone is downloading a large file in another room of the house you may witness a brief hesitation called buffering as it tries to play.

The other option is to simply download the media to flash drive (provided) and once downloaded watch it without interruption. The download may take a half hour or so, but you can do it during the day and watch it later in the evening.

At the lower Internet connection speeds like 5 to 12 MBPs it really won't matter, and using Wi-Fi would save you having to run a Ethernet cable to your TV set.

Tests done with higher speed Internet cable modems such as 85 MBPs, an Ethernet cable allows it to perform at full speed, while the Wi-Fi may cut it down to 25-30 MBPs. (Almost 1/3)

I would suggest trying the Wi-Fi first and if it works OK it may be all you need.

If you prefer Ethernet and don't have a cable at your TV, you may want to take a look at Ethernet cable connections that can connect via your house wiring.

See Ethernet via Power line

Remember the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true." Well in this case the old adage doesn't apply. This is not a scam or a trick. OSMC actually exists and has been around for about 20 years.

You probably haven't heard about it because it was only available to computer gurus with special operating systems and high speed Linux computers.

High speed processing is required to stream video content.

With the advent of miniature Linux computers (with high speed processors and 1 GB OF RAM) with USB ports and HDMI output, becoming available we can now put together a system which is affordable and easy to use. We have done all the work for you in assembly and testing.

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy it !


How would you like to sit in your easy chair and pick any movie or TV show that was ever produced. How about a Disney movie like Peter Pan, Shrek or Toy Story for the grand kids when they visit.

Now you can, with OSMC (Open Source Media Center) !

And you can do it all without high priced satellite fees with those awful commercials that never end ! You will never need a Digital Video Recorder, or buy a DVD or rent from Netflix, because the movies are always there for you on the Internet. And the magic word for all of this is it's FREE !!

We've put together a small computer and loaded it with OSMC allowing you can stream or download movies and TV shows over the Internet for FREE, for the low price of only $199.00.

Pays for itself in less than 2-3 months if you are subscribing to Dish or Direct TV.

All these movies are not older like the those provided by Netflix. You can watch new movies that are in theaters today !! New TV episodes are usually available 3 days after they have been broadcast.

Comes pre-installed with the latest add-ons which are applications that supply the sources for Movies and TV shows.

If you have a slow internet connection this latest version allows you to download any movie or TV show to a flash drive (included). Download it during the day and then in the evening watch the show without any buffering issues.

If you were around in the early days of TV and would enjoy seeing Gunsmoke, The Honeymooners, Bonanza, All In The Family, Golden Girls.. They are all available by season and episode, and all are commercial free.

If you enjoy the newer shows like NCIS, Game of Thrones, Stitchers, NCIS New Orleans, NCIS LA, Salvation, The Big Bang Theory and Super Girl to name a few. They are all available for you to enjoy, and all are commercial free.


  1. Internet Connection.

    1. For streaming.
      Recently the new software can stream a 720 program at only 5-6 mega-bits per second without buffering. Not sure what your speed is ? Go to http://www.speedtest.net
    2. For downloading any speed will work. The download will just take a little longer, but who cares if you do the download while you are away for the day.

  2. Wi-Fi Router. A Wi-Fi router connected to the Internet. If the TV is close to an Ethernet connection you can plug in directly eliminating the Wi-Fi router.

  3. Remote Control. A wireless mouse is included to use as a remote control, but you can also use your iPad, iPhone or any smart phone that can run the OSMC remote control app.
    For Android install KORE, and for iPad/iPhone install SYBU. All are free downloads.

  4. Television. A TV with an HDMI connection. Composite video is also supported but the special cable needed is not included.

That's not All
There are also addition add-on channels available to install via the Internet, including Movies, Sports, Live TV, etc.
Included in the Package

  1. Micro computer Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with plastic case. (Has built in Wi-Fi so a plastic case is needed to allow the signal to propagate.)
  2. Micro SD card and adaptor, fully loaded with OSMC. (This is the actual computer hard drive)
  3. 5' HDMI Cable
  4. Wireless mouse with its own dongle so it can easily communicate directly with the unit.
  5. Power Supply - 110 VAC to 5 VDC (2.0 Amp) with Micro USB connector
  6. 32GB flash drive, to hold all your downloaded Movies and TV shows.

For installation instructions and the user guide see Users Guide.

It takes a few hours to build the unit and load the SD card and run setup tests.

We are experiencing quite an interest in the product and we are building them as fast as we can, so please call or email to reserve a unit today.


Hallandales Inc. is only providing a service by procuring the parts and assembling them for an end user who cannot do it themselves. Hallandales is only charging for the labor to assemble all the parts and all parts are charged at cost. Hallandales Inc. has no affiliation with the neither the open source KODI (OSMC) application software, nor any of the Video Add-Ons.