About Us

Hallandales Inc. has been incorporated since 1982 and specializes in producing fine, user friendly software products, appealing Web Sites and microcomputer hardware projects.

After many years of consulting and custom programming, our experience has taken us into every realm of business activities, from inventory management to shop floor control, from accounting to point of sale, from electronics engineering to hydraulic flow analysis, and the list goes on. We have experience in almost every computer language and operating system: Pascal, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, Java, Appgen,HTML, ASP, ASPX, XTML, Unix, Windows, .NET, etc.

In the last few years we are enjoying the breakthrough in electronics that the Arduino and Raspberry Pi has provided and the fun of 3D printing.
Before we had to hard code a sensor input to control a output with timers to control the events, now we simply program the latest microcomputer to do it all.
Latest languages are PHP for web site MySQL work, Python for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino C for the Arduino.
In the olden days we had to build the mounting plates and chassis to put a project together. Now I create the object in Fusion 360 and print it on my Blue Eagle Labs Delta 3D printer. How cool it that !
If you take a look at some of our projects you'll see the results.

Gary A. Eisert, President of Hallandales Inc. a graduate of Professional Engineers of Ontario (ATECH Program), as an Electronic Engineering Technologist and self-taught software developer, web designer, and consultant. His electronic experiences have taken him into aviation electronics (Avionics), design and manufacturing of computer-based control systems, and security systems. He has developed software applications for inventory management, shop floor control, bill of material, insurance, accounting, point of sale systems, hydraulic flow analysis, inventory control, and database conversions.

Gary is also a Private Pilot and flies his own Cessna 182; member of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), Cessna Pilot's Association, aircraft builder/restorer; built and sails a 50 foot blue water yawl; prospector; and is also a Ham (Amateur Radio Extra Class) operator; call sign WL7CSX.