Micro-Computer Projects

Sheridan Cattle Ranch

In 2015 we teamed up with the Sheridan Cattle Ranch in Colorado to build a water control system to control water pumps, where the pumps and storage tanks are separated by over 4 miles of mountainous terrain. We went the distance with a VHF repeater system, and used DTMF tones to communicate between the Micro-Computers. Remember that almost anything you can imagine we can accomplish. If you are in need of a specialized control system that actually works, give us a call.



Chiropractic Scale
One of our latest projects is to modernize a Chirotron, which was manufactured in Seattle in the 80's. The Chirotron was a 4 or 6 place bilateral scale that measured the foot pressure and the sway when a patient stood on it. They were very well built, but the company faded away and service is no longer available. I was asked to modernize one for a Chiropractic clinic in Washington State.

Sharon Rose Yacht Control

My wife and I are building a 50' sailboat. Once it came to install engine instruments and pump control systems in the boat, I thought, "Hey let's use a Micro-Computer to do all this".

A complete engine instrument package alone for the Perkins engine was about $650.00 and what do I end up, just a bunch of old technolgy analog gauges.

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